Language Arts

4/24 Classroom Practice 61
4/25 Classroom Practice 62
4/26 Classroom Practice 63
4/27 Act 1 Scene 1 Questions
4/27 Classroom Practice 64
4/28 Homework 10 and Checkup 65
**5/2 Chapter 22 Test

Chapter test Monday 5/1
4/25 "Legacy of the War" Read (and reread) section. 
4/26 "Legacy of the War" review sheets
4/27 Chapter review packet due tomorrow. Map packet due Monday. Notes due Monday.  Chapter test Monday. 
4/28 Test Monday. Map packets and notes are due Monday as well. 

SS Quiz Friday 4/28 (Lessons 105-108)
SS Quiz THURSDAY 5/4 (Lessons 109-112)
4/24 SS106  p544: 1-6 Find the number to complete the square, and show the factoring of the pst
4/25 SS107 p544: 7-17 odd/23-35 odd
4/26 SS108 p550: 1-9
4/27 SS109 and 110  p 551: 24-34/36-37/40 All due Monday 
4/28: Due to Career Week guest presentations and the Talent Show and shortened class time today the SS Quiz was moved to Monday. Don't forget your IXL practice!

IXL: Al: BB.8; A1: BB.9 due by 8 A.M. Monday, May 1st 

4/24 Get test signed
4/26 Science World (Read. Packet will be given out tomorrow and  is due TUESDAY, MAY 2 The pie chart MUST be done in Computer class Monday)

4/25  IXL:8: CC.16 and 8:Y.6  due by 8AM  Monday, May 1st


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