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Thank you to the Immaculate Conception Community for all of your prayers and support at this difficult time. I am truly touched by your support. Thank you to Mrs. Samelak and Mrs. Tobianski for continuing student learning during my absence.

                                                                Check out IC Facebook for photos. We are continuing to draft our Michigan Hero essays for the contest by Farm Bureau Insurance. Students have almost finished reading Lyddie which coincides with our studies in history class. There will be a                                                                                 culminating project to demonstrate comprehension of the story as well as the themes represented. This week we will move on to explore Manifest Destiny. We have enjoyed many in-depth discussions on early politics. 


Please bring a set of headphones for computer class. Thank you in advance.From Mrs. Lary


Mrs. Spain

Mrs. Spain’s Classroom Supply List

General Supplies

·         Pocket folders for specials, as assigned by teacher (You will need one for choir, at least)

·         Textbook covers (one for every textbook)

·         Academy students will be using the IC planner in the 2018-2019  school year. Please bring the money to pay for your planner on the first day of school. The cost will be $5.


ELA, Reading, and History

·         2 packs of #2 pencils Cap erasers

·         2 erasers

·         2 packs of college-ruled, loose-leaf paper

·         Scissors

·         2 glue sticks

·         Colored pencils

·         1 pack of 5 highlighters

·         Pencil pouch with zipper or pencil box to carry supplies

·         3 sets of pocket dividers

·         4 packs of index cards (3x5)

·         Several pens: black, blue, and red

·         3 spiral bound notebooks

·         3 3 ring binders 1 and 1/2 inches (one for each class: ELA, Reading, and History)

·         4 Boxes of tissues

·         Package of 8-10 markers

·         3 three-prong duo tang pocket folders

·         Personal-sized stapler (not required, but definitely helpful!)

·         3 pack of bleach wipes

·         1 Pack of sharpie markers

·         Items to help organize your locker

·         Lock for locker, if desired. Remember, you will need to leave your locker combination or extra key with Mrs. Spain

·         All Academy students are expected to have a planner in class daily. The IC planner will be used in the Academy.

·         Expo markers

Tuesday, October 3, 2017.

Students have selected a Native American tribe to research.  The tri-fold poster is due on Monday, October 16, 2017. Students will present their findings. Packets were given today with information regarding the project complete with graphic organizers and checklists to ensure success. I am looking forward to the findings of their research and the completed projects.

Immaculate Conception Schools Grading Scale 

A   93%--100%

B   83%--92%

C   72%--82%

D   60%--71%

        F    59% and below

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