Class Announcements

Exam Schedule:

  • Thursday, May 25                 English                        Math
  • Tuesday, May 30                   Ukrainian                   Literature 
  • Wednesday, May 31               Science                      Religion
  • Thursday, June 1                   History                       Half-day for 8th grade   

5/8  Permission slips sent home for breakfast with Fr. Daniel field trip. Due by Friday, 5/12   

5/5 Progress Reports went out today. Please check your snail-mail! Exams begin in 3 weeks!

4/24 Khrystos Voskres! Welcome back for the final push before graduation! 

4/12 A Happy and Blessed Easter to all! Permission slips for the 8th grade luncheon on May 2 went home today. Please return them after vacation. 

2/13 The eighth grade did a fantastic job on IXL this weekend, answering over 2,000 science questions and 2500 math questions.

2/10 Great news! The eighth grade is registered for the new IXL program for both Science and Math. Students have received their log-in info and can begin practicing skills right away! 

1/13 A reminder that Science Fair projects are due Monday. Also, midyear exams schedules were given to students today.

The eighth-grade exam schedule is as follows:  

  • Thursday, 1/19:  Spanish, Computer
  • Friday, 1/20: History, English
  • Monday, 1/23: Science, Literature
  • Tuesday, 1/24: Ukrainian, Math
  • Wednesday, 1/25: Ukrainian, Religion 

1/9 Happy New Year and welcome back!  I hope everyone had a Blessed Christmas (or 2) and was able to relax and enjoy the time off.

12/19 Students need to bring a Dollar Store White Elephant gift for Wednesday. It needs to be wrapped!!!

12/16  **** Congratulations everyone on two amazing performances of the Saint Nicholas play!!! It was incredible--the students' performances, the costumes, and the staging were all beautiful. Thank you to all the parents who spent so much time, talent and love (and money) to give your children a wonderful memory. And a very special thank you, Mrs. Borysyuk.****

11/23 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  This year I am especially thankful for Immaculate Conception. For my students, their parents, my fellow teachers, all the school staff, Fr. Daniel, and my wonderful principal. I hope and pray you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are truly blessed. 

11/9  Dear Parents, Conferences are scheduled from 5:30-7:30 pm tomorrow. Due to the large number of 8th grade students, we will only be allowed a very few minutes per conference. If you would like to schedule a conference for another date and time, please email me ( to make arrangements. I am at school most days until at least 5, and can come in early before school. I'm looking forward to meeting with you all. Thank you.  Mrs. Hicks 

St Nicholas Play Parents' Meeting Thursday 10/27 @ 7PM

10/26 Permission slips for IC Church field trip due by Friday 10/28

10/11 A reminder that tomorrow is will be the Red Wings assembly and all are invited to participate in a dress-down day. You must wear red and/or white. Jeans and sweat pants are permitted. 

10/10 The election for the Class of 2017 Officers was held today. Congratulations to Secretary Zoriana Sobol, Treasurer Lucas Burson, Vice-President Victoria Shubelyak, and President Andriy Tryshnivskyy! Students wrote letters volunteering to serve in a specific capacity, and outlining their qualifications. A Town Hall-style debate was held between the two candidates for President--Luke Zora, and Andriy. Both young men did a fine job and persuaded many classmates to vote for him. Thank you to all candidates for office and congratulations to the new officers.

10/7 Progress Reports were mailed today and need to be returned, with parent signature, next week. 

9/20/16  ALL TEXTBOOKS  MUST BE COVERED BY  MONDAY 9/26. Brown paper bags, and heavy wrapping paper make excellent book covers if you do not wish to buy--or can no longer find--fabric covers. Also, book covers and erasable pens are available for purchase through the PTO. (See Mrs. Paul in her office.)  

9/13/16 A reminder that tomorrow, September 14th is Meet the Teacher (6:30) PTO Ice Cream Social (7:00) followed by the PTO meeting. Hope to see you there!

9/7/16 Welcome back! It was such a pleasure to see all our returning students, and all the parents who came into school today. The Ringing of the Bells was as inspiring as always, and the eighth graders did an excellent job in all their roles then and at Liturgy. I'd like to especially welcome our new eighth grader, Ihor Lapsynskyy, and his family!

Today we had a meeting with Mrs. Tobianski to review the student handbook.The handbooks were sent home with the students, and we ask that parents take the time to read and discuss the contents with their student before they sign the acknowledgment form. There are several changes since last year and it's important that you be aware. Please be aware (among other changes) that students are not allowed to wear ANY makeup or nail polish and will be subject to disciplinary action. Also, the gym dress code will be enforced. Students will have time to change before gym, and must be in dress code uniform.

6/30/16  As I wrote on the homeroom page, my email is I will be needing a parental email address and phone number for each student. If you send these to my school email by September 3, 2016 the student will get 5 extra credit points for each subject I teach her/him. 

Immaculate Conception Schools Grading Scale 

A   93%--100%

B   83%--92%

C   72%--82%

D   60%--71%

        F    59% and below

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